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Thelace material has birthed many beautiful clothing creations over the centuries. It has always been seen as a luxurious material and well treasured for its delicacy as well.


Lace is an open work fabric that can be made either by hand or with a machine. It is created by either the careful arrangement of threads or even removing some thread and cloth from an already women fabric. It wasn’t until the 15th century before the style of looping, twisting or braiding thread unto other threads without the use of a backing fabric to make lace material, was created.
Lace can be made with cotton, linen, silk or even synthetic fibers. Most lace materials are not thick enough to be sewn alone, and usually require a lining material.
Lace is classified and its classification comes more from how it was made rather than by color or pattern.
In this part of the world, lace materials are beginning to gain as much popularity as Ankara but they both have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to clothing items. I believe Ankara is more versatile than lace when it comes to what can be made with it.

An advantage that lace has over ankara also is that the color doesn’t bleed, unlike some poorly made ankara prints that bleed as if they were stabbed and can even ruin other clothing in the process of washing.
Lace asoebi styles are always stunning and regal and when sewn well, the wearer looks all shades of adorable too.

Look through this post for some ideas on the creations you can make with your lace material.


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Beautiful lady in a gown with a cut out top
Beautiful Olagbara in an orange peplum top and skirt
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Picture perfect off shoulder cape gown
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Nonye wearing a design by @topefnr
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