Natural Hair

How To Make Your Own Satin Bonnet

Every girl needs to protect her hair at all times especially at night.Satin Bonnet is good for hair, especially for natural hair. It helps to reduce frizz, tangling and wear and tear of hair from sleep.

Learn how to make your own Satin Bonnet at home. It’s easy and simple to make


1/2 yard of satin material
a pair of scissors
needle and thread
a yard of elastic strip.

DURATION: 30 mins

PIC: diymoe

Spread your material over a bowl and cut out a round shape from your material.

Turn your cut out to the opposite side and line its edges with the elastic.


Cover the elastic with the material and sew, leaving a small length of the elastic out.
After you must have sown all round, keep a little opening at the other end (Leave the ends open)

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Pull the two elastic ends popping out, till your bonnet is as firm as you want it and then tie
Cut out the excess elastic and your bonnet is ready for you to rock.

Excerpts from Africannaturalistas





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