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High Heels Hacks

8 High Heels Hacks

A lot of women wear high heels as they add height, improve confidence level for some and add that “sway” to a girl’s steps. They come in stilettos, block/chunky heels and wedges. I know a lady two decades older who wears her stilettos better than me.

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The truth be told though, high heels can be uncomfortable for many people, even those who are adept at wearing them. There are comfortable heels, but most ladies endure the discomfort for the aesthetics of it.

Here are some tricks to make your heels more comfortable

  1. For shoes that are too tight, you can stretch them out i the freezer or use blow dryer. The blow dryer trick involves wearing thick socks before wearing the shoes and then put the blow dryer on a blast close to the tight spot for a couple of minutes until they feel better. Walk around in the shoes till they cool down. These work best for leather or natural material shoes. If your shoes start showing wrinkles, it means it is made of material that doesn’t respond well to heat. Another trick is to fill up a plastic bag with some water and insert in the shoes. Put the shoes in the freezer for the night. As the water freezes, it expands the shoes. This is best for those cute pumps that pinch in the toes area.
  2. Prevent sweaty feet by spraying your feet with spray deodorant or trying a dry shampoo to prevent sweating.
  3. Taping the third and fourth toes (counting from the big toe) is a way of reducing pain while wearing heels. Apparently, there is a nerve between the two toes and taping them reduces strain caused by the pressure from wearing heels.
  4. A pair of gel insoles can make wearing your shoes more comfortable, slip a pair in!
  5. Smelly shoes? Fret not. Insert used dry tea bags in your shoes for 24 hours to absorb the smell.
  6. To prevent skidding off floors due ti no traction on new shoes, you can gently sand paper the bottom of your shoes to rough it up. Gently ooo, biko.
  7. You just wore your highest pairs of heels? changing to a much lower pair of heels first before reaching for your flat shoes is a way of helping your feet adjust to the pain due to the less extreme change.
  8. Remember, if not used to heels yet, when walking in them, walk heel first and not toes first to prevent yourself from falling.
    Happy walking!




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