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Here Are The Gorgeous Asoebi Friends Of The Bride, They Keep The Party Lit!

These gorgeous asoebi friends of the bride make her wedding party lit!We all know that on every girl’s big day, she needs to have a special set of people around her. These people are her goons, her squad members, her ride or die friends. They are those friends whom she has been lucky to have met in the course of her life’s journey. Some, she may have been friends with since toddlers, others, she may have met in the course of her adult years.


A lot of these girls play huge roles which culminates in the success of their friends’ weddings. They are part and parcel of everything the bride does. From the day she was proposed to, up until the wedding reception. A bride with no friends is NOT human.

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Tailored by @houseofjumaineltd
Tomi @dactatomi and her Bellas
Burgundy asoebi on Dark Skin makes a beautiful combination
The Bride and her Bellas.Photography @klalaphotography
Photography @tosindaniels_photography
Photography @klalaphotography
Cc @efya_nokturnal @swankyjerry @zynnellzuh
Cc @chante_asante @zynnellzuh @joselyn_dumas
Party Rockers
Ladies lovely in @hls_fabrics
Asoebiladies in @kubisfabrics-


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