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Here Are The Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attires You’ve Ever Seen!

Here Are The Best Yoruba Traditional Wedding Attires You’ve Ever Seen!

Yorubas are a tribal group mostly found in the western part of Nigeria and some other west African countries. It is a tribe rich in culture and heritage and are believed to be descendants of Ile-Ife, a town in Osun state.


The traditional marriage, which is recognized in the constitution of Nigeria is one of the important phases of the wedding ceremony as this is when the families of the bride and groom come together and officially hand over the bride to her husband. It is also the time when the dowry or bride prce of the bride is paid too.

It certainly goes without saying that this is a period of celebration, pomp and merry making too. The bride i decked out in her best traditional attires. In those days, it used to be aso-oke, but now, the material of the bride and groom’s outfits have changed with the times.

Let these chic brides show you what the traditional wedding fashion game is!


Cc @teeglass
Cc @queenola2
Cc @ms_shaddy. Fabric @glitz_allure_fabrics. Outfit @tubo__
Cc @taikanley in Outfit @shadiat_alasooke
Bride @afriturke in Dress by @accostcollection
Asooke by @molbaks_alasooke and Tailored by @january8th_style
Outfit @sheyeoladejo
Cc @oyin_ol and hubby
Bride @bibiree in outfit by @deolasagoeofficial
Photo by @aytwinsphotography
Cc @therealbolajiayinde
Aso-oke @bimmms24 made

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