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Here Are 10 Spectacular Gele Styles For Your Owambe Outfit

The gele game has upgraded big time, folks! Gele has gone to Harvard and graduated in flying colors people and these 10 spectacular gele styles will show you just what I mean.

These gele styles are trending and you need to see them! Is it the intricate styles? the embellishment? the colors? It’s so many factors that come together to make these gele just the right accompaniment for your latest lace asoebi styles for that party.


P.S concentrate on the geles however, in order for you to look this dapper in your asoebi lace or ankara you’re going to need a perfect makeup which i think these beautiful ladies didn’t mess with.

Headpiece @detoksbeadsandaccessories
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Bride @mayo_23
Cc @faithiawilliams
Gele on fire @tboygele –
Cc @azeeza_abiola x @klasichigh
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Which would you love to rock? Don’t forget to share a picture with us via our social media platforms!

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