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Hairstyle Video Tutorial: The Pony Hawk

Hey loves! Some people can find taking care of their natural hair a daunting experience, sometime because they are out of styling options for it. This pony hawk style by The Chic Natural is a great way to quickly do something different with your hair and still have that wow effect on people.

This style is pretty easy to do really, what you need are styling gel, some hair bands and cold perm rods. If you do not know how to use perm rods, check this post HERE


As usual, it is best that you start with freshly washed and conditioned hair and this style does require that your hair be stretched out to make flattening the sides easier. Don’t want to use heat to stretch your hair? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check THIS POST for non-heat ways to stretch your hair.If you have always wanted that Mohawk look without the commitment of a hair cut, try out this beautiful style. It is also suitable for those with relaxed hair.

MORE STYLING OPTIONS? SEE HERE Video: Recreate This Pineapple Updo


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