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Got A Teenie Weenie ‘Fro But You Want A Sleek Look? Try This Trick


Hey loves, you know when you just started out on your beautiful hair journey and it’s in that “too short and I don’t know what to do with it” stage. It can be despairing to look at,especially when others with longer tresses are performing wonders with theirs. But one thing I will advice is that you enjoy your hair in all its stages; trust me, when it gets longer, you will long for the days it was shorter. lol


But then, back to the crux of the matter, you see, if you need to have that pony tail look or put your hair in a bun but your hair is too short to be packed in of its own, this video is to your benefit. The major thing to consider though is that you must be ready to pile on the hair gel.

In the video, she used Eco styler gel, but then any good gel will do nevertheless. A good detangling brush is also key and a solid brush to work the gel into your strands.

Do not fret no more, if you have always wanted to do this. Let me know if you do try it out. Enjoy!

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