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Gorgeous Ghana Weaving Styles You Will Love

African women love braiding and weaving their hair. Almost all the women who grew up in Africa can braid or weave hair. Weaving is a hairstyle that became popular as a result of having to protect our hair from the elements of weather.


Ghana weaving is a form of weaving the hair by feeding in the braids as the hair is being made. It is usually so beautiful after being made but requires a lot of patience.

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The Ghana weaving hairstyle is a classic protective style that looks good on different hair types, face shape and head. It’s also known as cornrow braids. It’s so popular that women around the world wear it. Check out these styles below

This shuku hairstyle is goals. We also love the color combo


Add a twist to a regular design. Adding beads is also a welcome idea.


This style is unique and beautiful


You can also style your weaves as a top knot on your head.


You can style by sweeping all the braids to the side.


You can also style using cowries.


The all back style is always a simple choice for weaves. Add a twist to it by making a crooked pattern instead of the regular straight one.


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