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Fringe Asoebi Styles Lookbook 4

Fringe Asoebi Styles Lookbook 4

The beauty of the fringe aso ebi or tassels is that you can decide on a little or a lot and the look still works perfectly well. Those who decide on a little prefer to limit it to certain parts of their outfit like the sleeves or hem of the clothing.


Those who decide to do it big opt for having the lower half of the clothing full of fringe. This makes for an awesome sway when they are moving. That is where the feisty fabulous fringe dresses fun come in.

If you do decide on the second style, please, do it tastefully, so you are not mistaken for a masquerade biko.

The SHADE DRESS from l.a.w.o.m.a.n
Cc @chiomagoodhair @kikagoodhair
Cc @ms_yetty
Cc @chidera_ufo @ifeoma_ufondu @chinnychinchin_
Cc @bellaraju in tasseled sleeves
Cc @mina_ladi
Cc @inobishorr
Cc @toolzo and her hubby @captdemuren
Cc @i_am_amopeade
Nice green lace skirt and blouse with fringe detailing around the neckline

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