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Fashion Guide 101: The Connection Between Comfortable Clothes and Positive Self-perception

Fashion remains one of the great quandaries of life, with people constantly looking to both fit in and stand out and the emergence and influence of social media, is making the industry somewhat of a minefield for many.



Principally, the end goal for everybody when it comes to clothing and fashion is seeking the combination of comfort in the clothes being worn and the positivity that comes with having a sense of self-worth in a certain outfit.

In an age where every fashion choice is scrutinised and analysed instantaneously, those in the world of fashion have a real decision to make about how much comfort they would be willing to sacrifice for the positive self-perception and adulation and vice versa.


As fashion has grown into a massive global industry, other sectors have sought to capitalize on its popularity as well. Some online betting sites now take wagers on fashion-related outcomes, like predicting what color outfit a celebrity will wear to a red carpet event. This reflects how the worlds of fashion and gambling are intersecting in new ways. However, fashion is complex and constantly evolving, so the average bettor may find it challenging to find out  how to get bet9ja promotion code as well as to make informed fashion-based bets.

With no sign of slowing, the decision people have around comfort and self-gratification when wearing clothes continues to become more complex and there are many factors to consider which contribute to the final call between comfort and looks:

Putting a price on comfort

Whilst to the outside world the concept of comfort isn’t tangible, for many it is the beating heart of the decisions they make around the clothes they wear. Feeling comfortable in a certain outfit enables people to wear clothes that feel good against their skin and fit correctly, which can enable people to be themselves within any environment they happen to be in.

This in turn can have a psychological impact on how a person behaves within their environment, enabling them to act with more confidence or have a release of endorphins, which is something that everybody is ultimately seeking through their choices of clothes and outfits.

Looking good, feeling good

As previously alluded to, the way in which a certain outfit sits on the body can have a direct impact on the way in which one feels about themselves. Positive self-perception can come about in a number of ways, with people happy with what they see in the mirror from a certain piece of clothing or potentially having their ego boosted by a comment made by a friend or peer on a certain outfit being worn.

Cc @laurenhautecouture

The concept of looking good and feeling good cannot be underestimated and having a strong sense of self-worth can enable people to make clearer decisions in any work or social environment and can enhance their overall self-perception levels markedly.

Staying in control

Few industries and environments are as influenced by others as fashion is, with every user looking to put their own spin on the latest trends within the market.

For those chasing the idealistic combination of comfort and positive self-perception, having control over what is being worn and not simply conforming to the wants and needs of others, can also positively contribute to the way in which people feel about the clothes they are choosing to wear.

Dress by @dorhann_

All of the fashion innovators over time have looked at what other people are doing within the industry and looked to sculpt their own take on it, keeping their sense of individuality and retaining that can also impact heavily on one’s feeling of self-worth.

There are many complexities and conformities for people in the modern age and fashion is arguably at the forefront of it. Combining comfort and positive self-perception in any clothing and outfit choices enables people to enjoy the clothes they are wearing, without being consumed by any social pressure and most importantly of all, have a positive sense of perception in their clothing choices.

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