Fashion For Church: We Are Inspired by these Church Style.

Latest Fashion For Church Styles.
Women and fashion are five and six, you cannot separate them. Any occasion to dress up is never overlooked. But church style, like work place fashion is one that should be tastefully done.

The reason for this is because being in the presence of the Lord is a time of reverence and most churches advocate that their members cover up and do not wear revealing clothes as a sign of respect to the most High and also so as not to distract other members.


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In some churches, females do not wear trousers while others allow it. Some allow jewelry and make-up, while others do not: Different strokes for different folks. If you attending another church apart from yours on a visit, endeavor to know their dressing code so you are not embarrassed.

Regardless of the Church dressing rules though, you can be fashionable to church while still maintaining a great sense of decorum as some of these selected styles show us.

Cc @pretty_onyi
Cc @original_mangu
We are in love with this butterfly green skirt and black top
Cc @damieexpressionsllc serving us inspiration for older women
Cc @maibecca, as vision in white
Cc @whatnickawore
Cc @chicamastyle
Cc @chimedzam
Cc @stylegoestochurch in dress from @enchanted_lounge
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Cc @ms_yudee
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