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See What Fashionistas Wore To Church Last Sunday!

Fashion for Church 2017

Sunday was another great day of worship and I am certain y’all were blessed with the word of God.


As usual, we scoped out some fashion statements made to church on Sunday and we just had to show you. Sunday fashion can be a great mixture of the serious and the fun. Even though some people would not advocate an overly casual dressing to church, but there is a still a way to deck out in your favorite casual pieces to church without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Are these the best fashion for church 2017 ? We wouldn’t say yes but of course they are among the best we’ve seen.

If you need schooling on how to pull off the casual look to church, let these ladies and the gentleman fashionistas show you how it is done.

Cc @tariwills
Cc @bucheyxoxo
Cc @thereneechuks in @sgtcclothing
Cc @tgjonah
Cc @caribbean_cowgirl
Cc @sgtcclothing
Cc @tgjonah
Cc@s4de_u in @thekemiststore

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