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Dressing for your Body Type 2: The Top Hourglass

This is part two of the “Dressing for your body type” series. Today, we are taking a look at the Top Hourglass body.


The top hourglass body has a defined waist but the bust is larger than the hips. The upper body is also proportionate in length to the legs. This type should dress in clothes that follow the curves of their body shape rather than hide it.

Dressing the Top Hourglass Type

Balancing the lower body by filling it out while accentuating the waist is the key to dressing this body type. This creates an illusion of wider hips.




  • Wrap style tops and dresses with deep V-necks. The wraps of the tops should be at the natural waistline
  • Tops with nipping at the waist
  • Dark coloured tops
  • V-necks are a great option, especially the narrow types.
  • Jackets that stop at the hip bone
  • Cargo pants; Pencil, Full or A-line skirts that end around the knees; Bootcut or slightly flared pants and pants with embellished pockets
  • Look for dresses that fit your boobs and elongate your waist. They should fit very snugly around that area



  • Avoid clothes with excess fabrics or too many thrills. They will add extra bulk where they are not needed.
  • Avoid waistbands or belts. Let the clothes accentuate the waist.


Follow these guidelines and you will be loving your body in no time!

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