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DIY Wednesday: How To Make Extra Brightening Black Soap

African black soap is great for skin. This is because it has several vitamins, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Other useful components of the soap include antibiotics and retinoid.

African black soap is also good for sensitive skin and as a standard acne treatment. Individuals with skin allergies and irritations can comfortably use the soap.


Anyone who is keen in maintaining a healthy skin knows that the best way to do so is avoiding skin irritants. African black soap does not contain any skin irritants.


Extra Brightening Blacksoap Recipe

Ghanian Blacksoap 1KG
Honey 50ml
Distilled Water 100ml
Grapeseed oil 30ml
Jojoba oil 10ml
Argan oil 10ml
Lemon oil 20ml
Lemon Juice 150ml
Orange juice 50ml
Orange peel powder 35grams
Lemon peel powder 35 grams
Lavender Essential Oil 2 drops
Clove Essential oil 2 drops
Carrot seed oil 6 drops


Use a knife to slice the Blacksoap into tiny pieces.
Add all of the other ingredients apart from the Essential oils into the Blacksoap, marinate the Blacksoap properly, cover and leave the soap for 72 hours. Within the 72hours periodically use a turning stick to stir the Blacksoap.


After 72 hours the soap would have dissolved properly. Mix thoroughly using your hand. Wear hand gloves. You’ll notice the soap has become very creamy, with a thick and gummy like consistency, add in your essential oils, mix thoroughly and package.

Best to wear a sunscreen after using this soap, if you don’t wear sunscreen, best to use at night. The soap with the combination of ingredients is very rich in Vitamin C, citric Acid and Alphahydroxy acid. This will make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Best to use it at night or when are you are not exposed to sunlight. Or just wear SPF. Although the soap contains carrot seed oil which has natural SPF. This soap in addition to brightening your skin will also be effective in clearing acne and blemishes.


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