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Difference Between Setting And Finishing Powder

I bet if I checked your bag now I will find powder in it. Whether white or brown, most ladies ensure they have one they carry around to touch up the face and keep shine at bay.


In recent times though, powders seem to be getting more “complicated” as different brands churn out different types: from the compact to the loose, from translucent to HD, from finishing to setting powders.

Today, we are looking at the difference between a setting and finishing powders

For some brands though, the two names are used interchangeably, which may bring about more confusion but the difference between the them is simple really.

Zaron setting powder

Setting powders are usually used after foundation to lock it in. It is also your go to powder for the rest of the day to reduce shine. It is your regular “face powder.” It is designed to be used with foundation. They come in loose or compact, tinted or translucent. Setting powders can be heavier than finishing powders and need a light hand and a good brush when using it

Zaron finishing powder

Finishing powder on the other hand is designed to be used after the setting powder to “finish” off the process, thus for a lot of women in their every day make up, they skip this step. They are translucent and come in compact or loose form. They can help make the skin look smoother by hiding pores and fine lines, especially on camera. Ensure you blend it well so that when a camera flash is shone on your face, you don’t have THIS look ↓↓


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