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Denim and Blazers: The Casual and Simple Look Inspiration

Denim has been around for ages and the denim and blazers combo is the great “this is a dress down, but I can still look formal” look: A perfect combination!


There is an effortless look about this style that speaks of class and it is very versatile. There are so many colors and styles of jeans to pick from, just as there are just as much styles and colors of blazers as well. Where this look boils down to that takes it a notch higher are the accessories and the type of shoes you decide to pair it with.

The look of this combo can be traditional, feminine or even semi-formal. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared, distressed or ripped jeans are just some of the denim options available. And by mixing and matching your separates, you certainly can create any look you want.

You can opt for a traditional look, feminine look or semi-formal look. You can choose skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans or even print jeans. By mixing and matching your separates, you can create any look you like.

And for your feet, pumps, heeled sandals, flat sandals or even sneakers are a great way to vary your outfit.


The possibilities with this idea is really endless, and the great part? It is a timeless look as well, as it never goes “out of fashion”; so go ahead and rock the life out of it.

Cc @stylepantry serving us a great office look
Got a ‘touch of white” event and still want to look like you didn’t put in too much effort? This is a great look.

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This tan blazer on dark jeans with a stripped top is perfect casual Friday outfit



Cc @stylepantry
This denim is definitely under distress. The sandals and blazer make a great combo
She looks divine! Great color combinations.


double breasted grey blazer on white shirt and blue denim. Another work wear inspiration
Turn up denim and reddish-orange blazer



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