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Cool Agbada Styles For Yoruba Grooms

Cool Agbada Styles For Yoruba Grooms


All grooms want to look dashing for their brides on their wedding days, it is only right they look great together for their big day. Although, the importance of traditional weddings seems to have been usurped by the church wedding or the niqqah, the traditional wedding it is still respected by the law. In many cultures in Nigeria, until the traditional wedding is done, you are not yet married.

It is very common among Yoruba grooms to opt for the agbada on their traditional wedding days. The agbada can be made from aso-oke or any other type of fabric, depending on the couple’s choice.

If you have been thinking of a way to look different in your agbada for your wedding, you can get suitable inspiration from these cool agbada styles for Yoruba grooms.

Groom and his beautiful bride
Cc @ayode_gcfr @temilorlah
Ramsey Nouah
Cc @ubifranklintripplemg in @seyivodi
Asooke from @herthesir
Lovely blue, red and white aso-oke agbada
Groom: Hussein

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