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Clothing Neckline Types

Different necklines

A clothes’ neckline is an integral part of its make-up; it is the uppermost edge of the outfit, most especially in front and it comes in different cuts, this is especially so for women.

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Each neckline creates different effect or looks and display different amounts of the upper body. Necklines are sometimes embellished too, with lace, collar or even stones.

Here is a brief look at some of the different types of necklines

Turtle or High necklines
Turtle neck

They are circular and high, as they wrap round the neck. They are usually common in sweaters or cardigans.

Jewel neckline
Jewel neck

This is the neckline common on t-shirts as they cover the base of the throat. They are also called crew neck


The V-shape runs from the shoulder to the front to meet as a V. They neckline can be demure or plunging.

Scooped or U-Shape


The U-shape is a more rounded neckline, similar to the V-shape but softer.

Boat or Bateau necklines
Boat neck

This is like a shallow “U” shape neck. It is high, wide and slightly curved, passes the collar bones and hangs on the shoulders.

Asymmetrical shape
Asymmetrical neck

This is the “monostrap or one-shoulder” neckline. This is because it cuts diagonally from one shoulder to underneath the other arm.

Off-the shoulder and Strapless Necklines
Off-shoulder neck

This is similar to the boat shape, but the difference is that it is significantly lower than the former as it passes under the shoulders and collar bone. It usually covers part of the arms though. Its strapless counterpart doesn’t cover the arms but only goes round the chest.

Sweetheart shape
Sweetheart neck

This usually enhances the boobs as it is a heart shaped cut which is formed by two downward concave pieces of fabric.

Halter neckline
Halter neck

This usually leaves the shoulders and back bare as the garment is held up by strap of fabric that runs round the neck.

To get the best out of clothing necklines, a few factors such as body shape, bust, face, neck and shoulders are to be considered for the best looks.



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