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Check Out These Fabulous Igbo Bride’s Accessories

The traditional Igbo wedding is known as “igban kwu”, a beautiful and intriguing tradition ceremony, worth attending.


For the Igbo tribe weddings there is no holding back when it comes to custom and tradition all rites must be fulfilled.

The traditional wedding ceremony is not complete without the traditional attire.

The bride wears an eye catching, elegant and beautiful attire usually skirt and blouse or skirt and wrapper or gown with wrapper tied around the waist.

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The Bride is not complete without her ornaments; as the bridal jewelry is also part of the attire.

The coral bead is the most important jewelry that the bride has to wear to complement her look.

Coral bead is very much appreciated in various customs; its beauty is ageless and graceful and in recent times is being used as a gem.

The coral bead is formed out of calcium carbonate with a trace of carotene while some others grow in branches that look like trees under water which can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, pacific Japan and Taiwan.

Its color ranges from light red “almost orange” to deep red. It is tradition that the igbo bride must be adorned with the coral bead which is worn around the neck, wrist and ankle and also a beaded cap is worn on the brides head.

Another type of bead that can be worn is the ivory it can also be worn on the wrist and ankle.

Some brides use other kinds of jewelry’s like gold chain or bangles but to keep it traditional, brides mostly go for the coral bead.

Without further ado you should check out how these Fabulous Igbo Bride’s Accessories.

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