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Celebrities At The Gangs Of Lagos Movie Premiere

Nollywood, has been churning out quality movies that tell authentic African stories. One of such movies that recently premiered is “Gangs of Lagos,” an action-packed crime thriller that explores the dark side of the bustling city of Lagos. The Gangs of Lagos movie premiere brought out the stars on the red carpet.


The movie tells the story of a young man, Taju, who joins a notorious gang in Lagos in a bid to escape poverty and make a name for himself. However, his quest for wealth and power leads him down a dangerous path, and he finds himself embroiled in a deadly gang war.

The premiere of “Gangs of Lagos” was a star-studded event, with several Nollywood actors and celebrities in attendance. The red carpet was awash with glamour and glitz, as guests turned out in their finest outfits to witness the premiere of the highly anticipated movie.

The movie itself did not disappoint, as it kept the audience on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The acting was superb, with the lead actor delivering a stellar performance that captured the complexities of his character.

The cinematography was also top-notch, with breathtaking shots of Lagos that showcased the beauty of the city in all its glory. The movie’s soundtrack was also a highlight, with a blend of traditional and modern Nigerian music that added to the overall immersive experience.


The movie premiere had many celebrities in attendance and they looked gorgeous, following the premiere theme.

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Cc Adunni Ade in @anncranberry
Cc @tobibakre in @maiatafo
Cc @folagade_banks
Cc @nomzamo_m in @tiffanyamberng
Cc @ekuedewor in @orireofficial
Cc @lalaakindoju slayed in this sweet damask blazer with fringes by @huebyidera
Cc @mimionalaja in Aso-oke 2-piece by @derinfabikunco
Cc @tokemakinwa in @tojufoyeh
Cc @bimboademoye
Cc @adesuwaetomi
Cc @enioluwaofficial


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