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The Love Story Of Carine And Julius Is So Touching

Read all about Carine and Julius’s love story, sweet proposal, and experiences in their luxurious wedding Chateau wedding in New Jersey.

For Carine and Julius, theirs is a love story whose paths almost didn’t cross, and it all began at the office. They both met when Julius was being hired to start working in the same company Carine had presented her letter of resignation. Being at the verge of leaving, everyone kept talking to Carine about a new ‘African guy’ who has been hired in finance. Since Carine is from Africa, many thought she may easily identify with the “African guy”.


Unfortunately, she had no contact with this guy until her last day at work. Nevertheless, a farewell party was organized for Carine before her departure. The whole office but the “African guy” turn out for the party. ” Being so prudent, he decided to treat Carine to a special lunch of two. She happily accepted the invitation.

Carine said, “During our lunch, we were happy to know that both of us are not just from Africa but from the same country – Cameroon. Coming to realize that we are from the same country, the chatting and talking became more personalized. We had a nice time with each other. While departing we only wished each other success in his/her respective careers. A month later, we both received unique invitations to attend a mutual friend’s baby’s baptism. Little did we know that we were both invited to the same event. It was a huge surprise for us as we met in the same church in Manhattan for the baptism. We both wondered how coincidental this could have been – to have been invited to the same event – to meet each other after saying farewell at work.”

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After the baptism ceremony, they exchanged numbers. From that day, kept in touch. “We called and checked each other often. Circumstances beyond our control pushed our friendship to the next level. We started dating and slowly realized that we completed each other,” Carine said.

When Julius went on work mission to Cameroon for two weeks, communication between the couple became less frequent as a result of busy work schedules and time zone differences. When he came back from his business trip, Julius knew it was time to propose to the love of his life Carine.


Carine recalls, “He invited me to the same restaurant where we had our first lunch. Even though I was about to surmise something was to happen, I did not have enough evidence to prove my point.’” She happily went for lunch. During lunch it all happened – Julius whispered to Carine : “Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably” and Julius asked the famous question – “Will you marry me? ” and the answer was – ” Yes, I will marry you.

Check out their wedding pictures below

Carine and Julius
Julius and Carine

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