How to Care for Lace Wig


Wigs are a form of protective hairstyles, lace wig is for when you want to go high end as they are expensive. In fact, they are a way to switch up your look on a daily basis and still be able to take care of your real hair. Lace wig would come in two types, the glue less and the “need glue” units. The glue less units are wear and go while the other need to be glued to the head.

How to Care for Lace Wig
Lace wig on a mannequin head

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Caring for the glue less unit is the focus of today, as this will help keep the unit in good condition for repeated use, Lace wig is usually made with human hair and should be treated as such

  • Keep it away from direct heat like open flames and minimize the use of heating tools on the unit, just as you would with your real hair.
  • Gently comb the hair if you need to, starting from the tips, work your way to the roots (lace base)
  • Always detangle the unit before washing. When it comes to washing the unit, put small amount of shampoo in some lukewarm water in a spray bottle, dip the unit in room temperature water and spray the shampoo mixture on it till it’s saturated. Gently comb the shampoo through to distribute. Rinse with cool water. Do the same as you did with the shampoo with some conditioner. Pat the hair dry with a cotton material, do not rub so as to prevent tangling. Allow to air dry.
  • It’s better to use natural oils like argan, coconut or almond oil on the unit as leave-in conditioners can dry out the hair due to the protein contained in some of them. You can also create a mist out of glycerin and water (10% glycerin to 90% water) for daily use on the unit
  • Endeavour to keep your unit on a wig stand to keep the shape/structure
How to Care for Lace Wig
Lace wig

Following these tips will enable you keep your unit in top shape

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