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Can You Try These Outfits To Church?

Can You Try These Outfits To Church?


There are times one needs to be bold or different when it comes to fashion. Outfits to church,  just like work clothes have rules,  you can’t just wear anyth$ing to church.

But within the rules of fashion to this place, you can afford to check out many options, and that is what this post is all about.

Wearing trousers to church is not acceptable in some churches, but for those that do not frown on it, you need to ensure the trousers are a good fit and do not expose the skin in any way.

Dresses, skirts are still very much allowed,  but the same rule with trousers apply to them. for skirts though, a mid length skirt or at least below the knees is the acceptable length of skirts for church.


You can always experiment with fashion within limits.

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