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Breathtaking Bridal Robe and Hair Collections by Veekee James and Adefunke Speaks.

Veekee James, luxury fashion designer, and Adefunke Speaks, an accomplished hairstylist, have teamed up to create a breathtaking bridal collection that exudes timeless elegance.

The collection features stunning bridal gowns made from high-quality materials such as lace, chiffon, and silk. The gowns come in traditional shades of white, ivory, and champagne, but with modern touches such as delicate beading and intricate embroidery.


Each piece in this collection is carefully crafted with attention to detail, making them exceptionally unique. The style of gowns varies, from long-sleeved, A-line silhouettes to strapless, ballgown designs.

The entire collection is accompanied by statement pieces of jewelry, perfectly complementing the gowns’ elegance, making it perfect for any bride looking for a luxurious and glamorous touch on her special day.

Cc @thejhulia
Cc @thejhulia

Adefunke also plays a vital role in this collaboration, adding the perfect hair pieces to the bridal look. Her hair creations range from intricate braids and upstyles with beading and pearl ornaments, to avant-garde hairstyles that add flair to the brides’ overall look.


A hairpiece can significantly enhance the overall bridal look, and Adefunke understands the importance of finding the right balance between the hairstyle and the dress. Her expertise in this field is showcased in the collection.

The Bridal Collection by Veekee James and Adefunke Speaks is nothing short of stunning, emanating timeless elegance. The attention to detail, elegant and luxurious designs, and Adefunke Speaks’ statement hair creations make this collection a must-have for any bride who wants to look and feel exceptional on her wedding day.

Read from the creators:

Finally launching my hairline as a professional hairstylist. It was paramount that I told a story of beauty and strength through my hair campaign and what better way to do this than working with these strong women to bring this vision to life? These beautiful women are special to me as they are an excellent driving force in their various career fields. Very phenomenal and unarguably at the peak of their careers but what makes it even more exciting is that March being international women’s month, we get to celebrate each other. What brought it all together was the beauty of collaboration. I remember discussing my ideas and plans with my friend Jhulia, CEO of Niovo and she mentioned to me about doing incorporating bridal looks in my shoot campaign which seemed like a brilliant idea. I rang up Veekee James, an amazing fashion designer and asked if she’d be willing to make bridal outfits for the shoot and without hesitation, she agreed to it! We didn’t even talk about the looks or plan out the hair and dresses but when we were both done creating our designs, it became a masterpiece that one would actually think we foresaw each other’s ideas. This campaign goes beyond a collection of bridal robes and bridal hair as it also focuses on celebrating strong women who will stop at nothing to stay winning!



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