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Best Asoebi Styles Of The Week July 28-August 3

Best Asoebi Styles Of The Week July 28-August 3


It is now our tradition that we do not end the week without showing you our favourite asoebi styles. This week, we bring the creme-de-la-creme of the fashion world your way.

Our favourite styles this week features elegant and captivating looks in both lace and ankara and they certainly stole our hearts.

There were alot of styles with frills that made the cut this week and the cold shoulder also featured in quite a number of them too.

Look through for more inspiring asoebi styles.

Cc @ehi.ehii
Cc @suemanuell
Tolu in @24th_styling
Cc @9to9woman in @ninetonineclothing. Fabric from @itunufabrics
Cc @zeeetherapy-
Cc@ksijo in Dress by @rabesque-
Photography @libraneyephotography
Cc @mkabina_
Cc @bettinahtianah in @hersug
Cc @dammybkay
Cc @mrs_gmd in @maxinearthurs.couture


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