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19 Ankara Short Flare Gown

Ankara short flare gown style often comes in various designs to always look out for when designing an elegant Ankara piece. Fashion is broad in many aspects and as a lady, one needs to generally explore various looks and designs to help fit into one’s body type and shape.

The colourful prints and diverse colour mix play a major role in standing out at every gathering. Hence, this article focus on showing off another aspect of a short gown that can be explored by fashionable ladies.


Ankara is one of the oldest fabrics and has remained so over the years. Fashion designers put enough creativity and thought into making every design look the best. It can therefore be seen beyond the native aspect and more as a fashion piece that can be worn as either a casual or business casual outfit.

Flare gowns are free-sized wear and comfortable wear often only comes with a belt to give a more smart look on the body. It likewise requires little amount of fabric which makes it easier for any lady to make. We have made a great collection of short flare gown reigning now.

Ankara Short Flare Gown 2022

The use of other materials to also compliment the fabric makes the attire pop out more. These can either be silk, net, silk, lace etc. This mix is  used in any part of the fabric like sleeves, pockets, neckline many more.


Asides from the wide range of designs that is being made from this fabric, the vibrant colours come off as very captivating. For any outfit detailing is important and needs to be incorporated. Below are some styles trending for ladies.

1. Pleated Gown Style

One of the many ways of showing off your style is with the use of Ankara fabric however, the pleats are carefully made at the waistline down to the knee or a little above the knee length. These pleatings can be box pleats and inverted pleats which are commonly used for Ankara styles.

2. Knee Flare Short Gown

Knee-length gowns are styles that are designed to be stopped at the knee. These are often simple flare gowns that are worn for a casual occasion. Knee length gowns with sneakers is a perfect combo for ladies to rock. It is more appealing to younger ladies who like to show off their legs from time to time.

3. Shirt Flare Gown

Shirt gowns are designed to imitate the popular shirt dress although, this is made to be flare and not straight-fiteed style. It can be styled as cold-shoulder, long or short-sleeved, or cold shoulder. Basically, the use of accessories helps bring out the style more asides from the buttons placed in the form.

4. Mixed Fabric Flare Gown

Making use of mixed Ankara fabric helps enhance the diversity of the fabric and various forms in which it can be infused in any attire. From time to time, the use of two Ankara of different colours but similar patterns that can easily blend in.


Ankara is one of the mainstream fashion pieces which cannot grow out of existence anytime soon. Making sure you stay on top of your fashion game is important for every lady. Also, you can try wearing an ankara flare gown for a change.

Adewunmi Victoria

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