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7 Reasons Why You Should Marry Before 30.

7 Reasons To Marry Young

Nowadays the perceptions about marriage has changed, alot of people think they have to get that Millions before they even think about committing themselves to anyone but today i’m here to share with you why if you’re not upto 30yrs yet it’s best to get married now!!!

Ok so a friend of mine sent me this article she read i think it’s a good read, so enjoy your reading and after reading make a good decision now… And the reading begins!!!


“On several occasions I’ve heard young men and women say they would rather not marry. Avoiding compromise and postpone marriage at all costs. When someone questions them about what their reasons, usually respond that they do not want to lose their freedom not to waste their youth tied to one person.

In ancient times it was considered marriage as an inevitable step toward adulthood. However, at present the new dating couples are increasingly deciding to marry at older ages, because they prefer to live in a comfort zone where they have no liability or responsibility to anyone.

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Now it is a reality that there is no precise age for marriage; however, in this article are seven reasons you demonstrate the benefits of marrying before thirty:

1. Lower divorce rate

Nick Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah recently published a study revealing that the ideal age for marriage is between 25 and 32, because, according to statistics, at this stage fewer divorces are recorded.


2. flexible personality

The fact that each person is different causes some conflicts in society, and marriage a personality clash also occurs. When a couple gets married, you need to find ways to adapt their customs, their thoughts, their habits and beliefs. However, did you know that while you are older is harder acoplarte with your partner in marriage? So if you decide to get married before thirty years, the character of the two will be molded more easily and naturally.

3. Financial Strength

Another advantage of getting married between 25 and 30 is usually at this stage can and keep a steady job and have some economic stability. If you have questions about how to manage finances in a marriage can read, What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine, or how do we?

4. Biological Clock

Did you know that the chance of getting pregnant naturally decreases with age? The optimum stage of a woman to have babies is between 20 and 30 years. So if you decide to postpone both the decision to marry, you are risking that when want to have children, your reproductive stage has passed. In addition, there are medical studies that prove that sometimes 35 years after pregnancy is much riskier, because it can cause diabetes or preeclampsia in the mother.

5. Energy and patience

A newborn baby requires care and attention at least every three hours. It’s exhausting serve you; however, younger parents can enjoy health and energy to care for their children.

6. Without self-knowledge there is no individuality

Surely in your youth walked through a crisis of identity, you began to know what you liked and what not. This period is over and now you are in a more stable emotional stage, you know who you are and what you want from your life. The balance that exists between 25 and 30 years is the ideal age for a marriage last more.

7. A past that can chase

Imagine you meet someone you really like and makes you happy, but there is a downside: the person is divorced. In deciding to marry young you will prevent other stories last mark your marriage, since there is the probability that a person over 30 years has lived a relationship and is even likely to have children and linking him to his former spouse.

I know that today marry young can mean a challenge, but remember it’s brave gamble by love. If you find your other half do not wait, decided to start the best experience of your life: marriage.

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