20+ African Print Maxi Dresses Trending In 2022

Maxi Dress is also known as Bubu gown. This type of dress is known the be very free and comfortable wear for every lady to wear out. Africa vast with culture from clothes to accessories and many more. Lots of times, we might think Ankara is the only African print we have but this includes adire, Kampala, and many more. However, this article focus on African print maxi dress.

As a fashion lover, one needs to be very prominent about their appearance at all times. This dress can be adorned with embroidery, stones, trimmings, and shimmers to help create a captivating look. Africa is one of the richest and most culturally diverse countries. As a proud African, you should always show off your cultural heritage in your way of dressing. This maxi dress gives a very eloquent and chic look when worn.


African Print Maxi Dress New Look

Maxi dresses is now in many stylish ways to help look classy. These styles are quite different from the formal maxi dress we knew. Fashion designers put a lot of effort into ensuring every style turns out beautifully.

Maxi Dress is not age bias, it can be perfect for any event of choice with the perfect accessory ike heels, pieces of jewelry, and so on. These prints is of colorful patterns and designs. They come in so many colors which signify the beauty of the fabric. As a lady, you should own a maxi dress in your closet.

Maxi dresses are slowly becoming a mainstream fashion item and don’t seem to be going out of existence any time soon. Check out some outfit idea below.

1. Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Halter Neck is a type of Design with a high neckline often with an open back. Additionally, it is tied to the back of the neck. This dress style come in form of sleeveless wear. Also, there are many design of halter neck at times, with other plain material like silk, cotton lace for a splash of colour and fabric.


2. Off-shoulder African Print Maxi Dress

Off-shoulder dresses are more common than ever now. As the name implies, it is a flattering style that helps show off the neckline when worn. This is a great style for young ladies who like to show some skin from time to time. Also, an off-shoulder Maxi Dress needs a creative and elaborate sleeve to bring out the attire.

3. Turtleneck Maxi Dress

Turtleneck is a high neck style of sewing clothes. This is now a more elevated neckline for Ankara styles when looking for something that will stand out from the regular look. Turtleneck is not common for African styles but it’s something to look out for now and fashion designers put in enough effort to make their designs fabulous.

4. Maxi Dress With Embroidery

Embroidery work is one of the significant ways of designing traditional African wear. The embroidery work is often on the front of the fabric this can be a full embroidery work or simple halfway. The purpose of these is to give a bit of drama to the cloth.

5. Spaghetti Strap African Print Maxi Dress

A spaghetti strap is a tiny strap dress which is very well use for maxi dress. It is very comfortable and stylish way of designing a maxi dress. This should go well with the right makeup and hairstyle.


As Africans, we have always appreciated our cultures and this is how we show them off. Looking good is very important for every lady and need to be done with all your heart. Try switching up your closet with a spice of African Print Maxi Dress for a change today.

Adewunmi Victoria

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