11 Outstanding Asoebi Styles You Need Show Your Fashion Designer.

Owambe is not a place to go dressing shabbily because you never can tell who you are going to meet (especially single ladies *winks). If you’ve run out of ideas what to sew with that asoebi you just bought, then  today’s collections got you covered…


For red color lovers, this is the type of outfit you should rock. It’s simply perfect!

Cc @sophykanu

All purple floor length lace gown and a mono off-shoulder sleeve to go with it.
A glam look for a fashion diva.

Cc @lollypop

[sociallocker id=2083] White gown ain’t meant for brides alone, stun your audience with a stylish white gown like this

Cc @teekayfashion

A full gown for ladies that are not on the big side or has slim waist and hips, the style will pronounce the waist and hips region making it appear bigger

Cc @gorggiesstudio

Rock this style to an owambe anytime you feel like being free (you know not rocking anything fitted to your body) especially when you have a baby bump

Cc @wear4show

Do you love being notice? If yes, this style will perfectly give you the attention you desire at any owambe.

Cc @stylebyeka

A good style for endowed divas and a perfect style that divert attention away from the cleavage

Cc @moyolawal

This floor length  skirt and  top with frill made her stun in her outfit

Cc @fablifeoflukky

A modest style skirt and blouse for a multi color attire is a way to go, who want to look like a fashion masquerade?

Cc @busola25


You can’t go wrong with a single outfit color these days, how much more rocking it as a floor length gown with an off shoulder style and a conspicuous bow at the waist area of the back that will project that back side of yours and make it appear bigger

Cc @buifabrics

This is simple and elegant….rock it

Cc @ifyogodor



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