Church Styles

11 Head Turning Church Outfit.

Hello fashionistas, Today’s amillionstyles church outfit are attires that will make head turn when you pass by, even though you ain’t scandalously dressed. Our choice of outfits today cut across different stylish wares starting from gowns to natives to even corporate wares…

Kindly peruse and get inspired!

Cc @nimsdefabulous

A sparkling gown with a fascinating head cover along with her accessories gives her that glam look.

Cc @estherogoofa


A good color mix which has a unique way to cover the cleavage.


Cc @funkillishh

A stylish gown perfect for slim ladies because it makes them appear bigger.



Cc @nnaty09

A knee length gown with a neat head wrap and a corresponding accessories to go with it.

Cc @delonyii

A colorful skirt and a red top to blend with it, as for those who love going to church with their head covered get this kind of cap because it gives that fashionista look.

Cc @thebeninigirl

Rocking a traditional attire to church is not a bad idea after all.

Cc @itz_babyshee


A black lace with a grey underlay speaks volume and there’s nothing wrong in rocking that simple smart outfit to a church.

Cc @iamnini1

A colorful free gown perfect for those who choose to tone down their curvy body structure look to church.

Cc @totallytot3

Looking colorful is a reflection of a happy person and don’t ever think good looks is never meant for plus size ladies because our diva here has proved your assumption wrong.

Cc @MichelleBookal

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