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10 Stunning Fashion Outfits For Church

Fashion for Church 2018 >>> Hello beautiful people, So yea apart from owambe party, dinner etc, another place people go glamorously dressed is to church especially on Sunday, well as a fashionista we always make it a duty to look good so now let’s see the amazing styles we’ve got today…….


Yellow and navy blue
A bright yellow top to go with a cool navy color is a great idea. Combining your colors is paramount to fashion
Check out the style of the skirt, We love it and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Cc @ThatDynamiteChic


Black gown
This is cute, well designed black gown and a zip with a difference. The zip gave the gown a pleasing back view. Do You Like ?

Cc @IamNini1



Yellow patterned gown
When it comes to fashion, it’s more than just putting on dress, the dress must fit.
A good design suitable for her. Love it!


Blue gown and a touch of Yellow
This is lovely.


Black on black
Black top on a black skirt might give you an illusion of a gown look but looking at it closely you will know it’s not, so also in this picture. The button like style added to the A- line skirt made the outfit more fashionable. Simply gorgeous!


Navy blue gown
As simple as this gown is, we find it stylish. Yeah, the white band made the gown simple and fashionable.


Fabulous Color Selection

Look at her rocking it so well in her trio color outfit, she made it so unnoticeable.


Black top and skirt
A simple combo, a flair skirt and a fitted top speaks volume when combined and it’s same here.


Yellow on black
Another flair skirt worn with a smart top. You wanna look simple to church this Sunday? Consider this style.


Multi coloured gown
Do you love colours and you like playing around them when dressing ? Have you ever thought of how to look simple and yet putting on more than two colours? If your answer is yes then this gown is for your type of person
If your answer is no, still give it a trial.


10 Stunning Fashion Outfits For Church


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