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10 Fashionable Ankara Skirts

Skirts come in different lengths, styles and materials and are staples in every “girly” girl’s wardrobe and here are 10 fashionable ankara skirts for you, love. They also can be worn anywhere! From parties to church and even for the TGIF office outfit.


One ankara skirt dressed in different ways can fulfill many purposes.Because most ankara materials are multi print, be careful with the top you wear it with so your outfit isn’t overwhelming.

Ankara, as always, has not been left out of skirts. Everyday, new designs are churned out.

Thinking of what to sew with your next 2 yards of Ankara material? Think no further than a simple Ankara skirt.


Cc @caribbean_cowgirl
Cc @caribbean_cowgirl
Skirt by @mzbeckyz_fashion
Cc @jadorefashion in print skirt by @chenburkettny
Cc @amagodson_a
Wrap hem skirt
Cc @sarahmedekin
Cc @oforiwaah_1 in @foabelle_couture
Cc @sharonooja in Skirt by @replicalagos
Cc @vassylou.lou


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