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10 Easy Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable

Need some Easy Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable ? We got you on this one. Fashion is not only wearing clothes and accessories but it’s how you feel about yourself. Internet is available to everyone these days because of the advancement in technology hence, the younger generation believes that fashion statement is all about wearing brand names and tags but the reality is contrary to this belief.

There are a lot of DIY videos on YouTube to make the most out of stuff available to you at home. It is imperative that whatever you wear should not be to impress people around you but to satisfy your personality. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing distressed jeans or a modest kaftan, the creativity behind your craft and the confidence it gives, is what matters.


This article will give you some of the valuable additions in your wardrobe to create a fashion statement for yourself and impress your friend in no time.

1. Compliment your dress with an Elegant Piece

You can add a bold statement piece to go along with your dress. It maybe a funky pink shoe or bold red handbag. If you are wearing a light colored outfit, add accessories with darker and bolder colors. This makes you look polished together and make you appear more elegant.

2. Jackets

You might think that wearing a jacket in the cold will hide your dress but you can place your jacket across your shoulders, looking elegant while being protected from the cold. You can do a lot of experiments with your outerwear.

3. Hairstyle

Put some effort in making your hairstyle to suit the occasion. People are used to looking at you with your everyday hair; a ponytail or bun will bring our your facial features . Experiment will different hairdos which will go with your outfits. Your appearance will drastically change if you straighten your hair or add some curls. You can also wear matching clips and ringed hoops around your hair making it more formal.


4. Scarfs

Some people wear a scarf with all of their dresses as they feel more comfortable with their chest and shoulders covered. There are a variety of materials and colors available in the market to choose from. You can either pick a smooth silk scarf for that touch of elegance. Pick designs and material which are unique in colors and go with your outfit. It’s a good idea to look through some tutorials for different types of knots you can make from your scarfs. The knot will make your appearance diverse on even an average day.

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5. Add a Hat like a Royal

It takes a lot of courage and confidence in pulling off a hat with your outfit. They have become an accessory of Royals and people are shy sometimes to wear them on an average day. It is considered as a special accessory which hides your face from sun on a really heavy day and can totally change your ordinary look into a stylish one. The key to buying a hat is to try it and check that it fits your head properly. The sizes will depend on the shape of your face, height and hair color.

6. Don’t forget your Sunglasses

We in the tropics have the sun with us all year round and sunglasses are a great accessory as they protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Picking the glasses which suit the shape of your face is the most important thing when buying. You can buy glasses in concurrence with your jewelry, for instance like gold and silver frames can go along with your jewelry.

7. Don’t leave you Wrist Empty

Accessories are used to brighten your outfit and complement your overall look. Many people have a habit of wearing a wrist accessory which looks nice and charming. Wrists articles should be according to the occasion and the formality of your outfit. You cannot wear a simple naked thread accessory with a formal dress suit. Save some money and buy an elegant gold or white silver bracelet that will appear classy and expensive. You can also decorate your wrist with a watch but the problem with the watch is that you have to buy a watch of high quality to last longer.

8. Wear Jeans that fit well

Nowadays jeans are becoming more popular due to a culture of smart casual and the convenience of maintaining the jeans. A good pair of jeans will go along with any dress you wear. The most important thing is wearing jeans is that you should wear one which fits your waistline measurement with thigh and seat proportions. Proper jeans are the one with the appropriate leg cut as well. The jeans will lose all its flair with a baggy look or poor fitting.

9. Funky Color Combination

Trying the colors which you didn’t wear before will be a perfect idea to add some innovative ideas in your overall style. Unusual colors add life to your outfit. You can go with the combination of orange or lavender with teal or rust. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of contrasting colors for that wow effect!

10. Shoes as Image enhancers

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Women always complain about not having enough shoes. The reason is that they make a perfect personality statement when used properly. Choice of shoes will make your image stylish or dull. Make your choice with careful consideration of the outfit you are wearing so they go perfectly well together. So, go ahead and make a signature statement with your outfit by choosing the right shoes.

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