Video Tutorial: Getting That “On-Fleek” Eyebrows

Getting those eyebrows “on fleek” every time is many a girl’s beauty goal. This is because brows that look well filled in have a way of defining and softening the face and also drawing attention to the eyes. If you ever thought brow perfection wasn’t important, shave them off and see how you look without brows.

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The first step to getting good brows all the time is to shape them well. Shaping your brows gives the canvass for the artwork that is “eyebrows on fleek.”

The shaping can be done by tweezing, threading, waxing or use of razor blade. Some people use stencil kits to help them when drawing their brows, but one thing you need to know is that you will practice a lot of times to get them to the perfection level you need.

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Video Tutorial: Getting That "On-Fleek" Eyebrows

The few things you need for the perfect brows are a brow pencil, eyebrow filler or gel, old mascara wand or a spoolie, angle brush and a concealer.  The spoolie or mascara wand is to brush your brows into shape and the concealer is to give precision and clean up errors too.

Watch this video on how to create the perfect brows every time.

Video Tutorial: Getting That “On-Fleek” Eyebrows
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