Tutorial: Perfect Makeup For Very Dark Skinned Girls

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Perfect Makeup for Very Dark Skinned Girls

Sometimes, we very dark skinned girls are always the last thought of many make up brands, no wonder many girls try to force themselves into #teamlightskin (#teamlaiskin) by fire by force. But in recent times, it seems the brands have woken up and have realized that Beyonce’s skin color is not the darkest on the racial color spectrum; we bless the Lord for their epiphany.

Tutorial: Perfect Makeup For Very Dark Skinned Girls

Brands like MAC, LA Girls, Black Opal have started carrying foundation and powder shades that cater to really dark girls.

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We also bless the Lord for the popping Melanin girls that are rocking their beauty like no man’s business and showing us that very dark skinned girls can be beautiful too (even though some still get barraged with statements like “you will look cuter if you were lighter) but these girls have refused to be swayed and have maintained their skin color regardless of the pressure.

I remember when i discovered the Somalian Aluel Bol Kuanyin on Youtube, I craved the uniformity of her beautiful black skin. It was from her that i learnt that using your eyebrow pencil to contour your face is a very solid idea (brands haven’t yet discovered concealer shades we can use for contour, hopefully, they get round to doing that soon).Tutorial: Perfect Makeup For Very Dark Skinned Girls

In celebrating this black beauty and giving hope to very dark skinned girls out there, I present to you this video tutorial on the product she uses and how she gets her makeup done.

Try not to fall in love with the song she used as her soundtrack, I did though. lol

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Tutorial: Perfect Makeup For Very Dark Skinned Girls
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