Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe

Style Dissection Lookbook 3 Featuring Fisayo Longe

Our style dissect series is a deep look at fashion pieces worn by fashion enthusiasts. It is an opportunity to look at a breakdown of lovely pieces worn by people who love fashion and know how to combine these pieces well. Where possible, we will also tell you where they got their fashion items and how much, if we are able to track down that information.

Having given you a glimpse of what to expect of the style dissection series, we now go to our fashion enthusiast of today: Fisayo Longe.

Fisayo is a Nigerian based in London and she also owns her own fashion label, Kai collective, thereby taking her fashion game to the next level.

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In today’s post, she is rocking the regular casual outfit with a beautiful twist. She took the denim and shirt a notch higher by pairing them with a corset; me love the corset very much.

Funny enough, you may wonder why the shirt looks so big, your guess is right. It isn’t her size. It isn’t her size because its a men’s shirt and that is all part of the look “the oversized men’s shirt.”

The crowning touch of this look are the caged block heel sandals that she rocked the outfit with. They give the perfect touch of fun and style. The final piece of the outfit puzzle is the long gold chain with the pendant. With this outfit, simplicity in terms of accessories is the koko.

This look is very easy to re-create really and that is right up our alley.

Check out today’s style dissection lookbook 3 style, afterwards, scroll down to see our breakdown of her outfit!

Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe

Fisayo Longe

Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe

Back view of Fisayo Longe’s outfit

Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe

Zoom in on the corset, isn’t it beautiful!

Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe

Fisayo Longe

Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe

Fisayo Longe

A breakdown of Fisayo’s Outfit

  • Uniqlo Shirt
  • Corset: The corset is the ASOS Corset in Gathered Stripe with Knot Detail
    which sells for £38 on the website.
  • Denim Trousers: This jeans is also from ASOS and it’s called the ASOS Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans in Prince Wash. It’s sold for £32.00
  • Katie Mullally Necklace
  • Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Cage Block Heels. We were unable to track down the price for these exact pair, but we found similar styles. Here are the prices for the ones we saw: Christian Louboutin Cajaboot 100 cutout leather and suede ankle boots £895; Via Spiga “Elenora” Sandals, $206.25; Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez Jen Laser Cutout Bootie, $1,250; Schutz Zema Booties, £207.97


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Style Dissection Lookbook 3: Fisayo Longe
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