Caring for your Jewelry: Part 3

Caring for jewelry

Caring for jewelry


This is the third part of the “caring for your jewelries” series. Jewelries are worn by millions of people, but few care for them in the right way. Caring for jewelry is not only about cleaning, but also about when you wear them.

The Dos of Wearing Jewelry

  • Always remove them when performing manual tasks. This will prevent physical damage or exposure to cleaning chemicals.
  • Only put them on after applying makeup, perfumes and lotions. This limits exposure to the chemicals in these products.
  • Avoid wearing them to swim and in spas. Chlorinated water can react with jewelries and damage their structures. Also, they can get lost in the pool or spa.
  • Sports, especially contact sports and jewelries don’t work together. Hard blows can damage them and even hurt the people involved.

Take note of these and keep your jewelries safe and sound.

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Caring for your Jewelry: Part 3
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