Arm Exercises: Tone your Arms

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The arms can be one of the most tedious areas to tone and tighten. This is because the back of the arms is one of the body’s go-to places to store fat, there is a need to target that area of the body as it one of the most exposed parts of the body for many. Getting the flab off can be a great way to boost confidence to wear the sleeveless and strapless outfits you have been longing to put on.

There are some exercises that one can do at home to tone the arms. Some do not even need equipment.

Few of the best exercises to tone the arms include pushups, pull-ups, triceps dips, boxing, swimming, over head press, swinging from monkey bars, use of weights (dumbbells or big water bottles filled with sand or water), use of resistance bands and many other exercises which may require equipment

arm exercise

Some arm exercises

Remember, over training is not advisable as rest and recovery is an important part of the fitness journey. Depending on the intensity level of your exercises, you may need between 48-72 hours of recovery. Also, get enough sleep daily, deal with stress and take time to unwind as well.

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Remember also, there is a need to make changes to your diet for overall good health.

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Arm Exercises: Tone your Arms
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