6 Ankara Combination Short Skirts Inspired.

Hello lovelies, we got you cover for another edition of Ankara styles in combination with english tops. Undeniably when we mix african prints with english wears, there’s always that wow effect, so get ready to be blown away with the following amazing Ankara combination short skirts inspired.

Tips: To avoid color riot when combining African Prints with English Tops, take note that every ankara prints has one particular color to distinguish between the rest colors, so with that in mind you can be sure the right color of top to wear on it.

For example:


Latest 2018 Styles On Amillionstyles

For STYLE ONE below, the obvious color in the ankara prints is Red, so she decided to wear a Red top  but a White top could also be a perfect combo you know ?

ankara combination short skirts-amillionstyles3


For STYLE TWO, this is absolutely gorgeous and it looks like the Top and the Skirt goes hand-in-hand coz we can see a beautiful butterfly badge or something just by the left hand side of the top. Pink!!!

ankara combination short skirts-amillionstyles2


For STYLE THREE below, She’s wearing a White Top which is perfect for the ankara print perhaps because there’s a bit of white dots in the prints. The shoe(flats) also compliments the skirt, making her look more stylish.

ankara combination short skirts-amillionstyles1


For STYLE FOUR, a Black top could also go with the ankara skirt but she decided to wear White and we love it!

Cc @Laviye

Cc @Laviye


For STYLE FIVE, the colors on the skirts can give you like 5 different colors of Tops you can wear with it and she picked one of them. We love it so dearly.

Cc @ironyofashi

Cc @ironyofashi


For STYLE SIX, this is our favourite coz it takes deep thought to find the perfect color that could match such an elegant Ankara skirt. Black is Fab!

Cc @awedbymoni

Cc @awedbymoni

6 Ankara Combination Short Skirts Inspired.
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  1. i am slim I have just two yard of cloth but I want to sew a suspender skirt and also a cape gown and don't forget pics of flaird and fish tail skirt

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